GameMaker Studio 1.4 Sunset


Recently we celebrated the five-year anniversary of GameMaker Studio’s launch. The engine has come a long way since then and has brought with it many achievements and milestones we’re incredibly proud to behold. With the recent release of GameMaker Studio 2, we are striving to continue the legacy by enabling unprecedented game development accessibility for new and existing users alike.

Moving forward, we are transitioning our focus onto GameMaker Studio 2 to ensure it receives the attention necessary to foster the next generation of 2D game development. As such, we are announcing today our official “Sunsetting” plan for GameMaker Studio 1.4. Over the next 14 months, until 31 July 2018, we will continue to mend major issues and support platform updates for Studio 1.4. After the 14-month period, Studio 1.4 will still function normally however, we cannot guarantee it will remain compatible with every platform’s future updates.

We realise the cost to switch to GameMaker Studio 2 may be out of reach for some and we’re addressing this by extending the discounted upgrade period to 31 August 2017. We’re hopeful the three-month extension will provide our community members ample time to find the means to upgrade to GameMaker Studio 2.

You can upgrade to GameMaker Studio 2 using your YoYo Account.

Again, we’d really like to thank our amazing community for supporting GameMaker Studio and using it to make an immensely excellent library of games – you’re all making the world a better place!


YoYo Games

Written by Gavin Smart
Senior Project Manager Gavin uses his years of industry experience to oversee the direction of GameMaker. He enjoys climbing and snowboarding, and has filled out the GameMaker offices with tons of fun board games.
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