Version 2024.2: Sequence Audio Effects, HTML5 Optimisation Control And More


GameMaker 2024.2 is here, bringing new features, a plethora of bug fixes and behind-the-scenes refactoring in various areas of the runtime.

Audio FX Parameter Tracks

The Sequence Editor now supports audio effects for its sound tracks:



All existing effects like delay, reverb, EQ, and more can be applied here.

Read Sound In Sequences for more info.


Project Tool & Format Changes

The project format has been updated to be more robust, and allow support for Prefabs in a future release.

Due to this format change, 2024 IDEs will be unable to work with older runtime versions and won't show them in Preferences. (Those runtimes of course continue to work with their matching older IDEs.)

The IDE's internal project conversion tool is now available to use separately, if you wish to:



This allows you to convert a project into a different project format version.

While the IDE will automatically convert any old projects into the latest format upon opening, this tool is useful for doing manual conversions into older formats or the new format while making use of the given extra options.

More information is in the manual.


Texture And Memory Views

The Debug Overlay now has Memory and Texture views under the “Debug” menu:



The Memory View shows a graph with the amount of allocated and free memory, and a view for the Garbage Collector:



The Texture View displays the textures used in your game, including any Surfaces you create at runtime.



HTML5 Optimisation Control

The gml_pragma function now allows you to enable optimisations for HTML5.

When enabled, these make operations with variables and arrays faster when running on HTML5. Read Compiler Optimisations on gml_pragma for more information.

New GML Functions

More Runtime Changes

Download GameMaker 2024.2 and start creating now.

Happy GameMaking!

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