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New Free Monthly Asset Bundle 

Towers to extend and enhance Towers vs Monsters or your very own tower defense game. Heal, hurt, or immolate anything that comes your way!

How To Access Bundles

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Previous Bundles

All previous asset bundles are free for all GameMaker users.


  • Fantasy Platformer - Create forests, caves, wooden house interiors, stone castle interiors and enhance the sound of your game with over 80 sound effects and 8 fantasy music tracks.
  • Sci-fi Space Shooter - Download over 100 sci-fi-themed visual and audio assets to assist the creation of your space shooter game.
  • Modern Aerial Combat - Create epic battles in the air, on land or at sea. Enhance the look of your game with 105 sound effects and 6 themed music tracks.
  • Music Tracks -  Ten varied game soundtracks. Each is 3-minutes long, plus 3 remixes, with all the individual track stems included. Over 2 hours of game music audio!
  • Track & Street Racer -  Choose from over 350 high-octane assets, including five vehicles in five different colours, multiple track surfaces, crowds, arcade-style pick-ups, and over 40 sound effects and music tracks.
  • Maritime Mayhem -  Create a action packed ocean adventure in GameMaker with new sprites, spine animations, music track and sound effects!
  • Incidentals - Ever find yourself in need of one particular asset that you just can’t seem to find? With an assortment of over 120 assets, there’s something here for everyone.
  • World Backgrounds - Mix and match the assets in our World Backgrounds bundle to create a unique landscape for your 2D game.
  • Music Tracks 2 - Whether you’re trekking across a frozen fjord or exploring a cyberpunk dystopia, find the perfect theme with our second Music Tracks bundle.
  • Sci-Fi Incidentals - Searching for a spaceship? Misplaced your alien? The Sci-Fi Incidentals is here to help!
  • Portrait Packs - Choose from hundreds of hairstyles, expressions, body parts, and accessories to create unique portraits that bring your characters to life.
  • World Hexmaps - Create your own tabletop roleplaying games, strategy games, and overworld maps with World Hexmaps.
  • Natural World Audio Tracks - Choose from 11 soundscapes and 21 different sound effects and bring your game’s world to life. 
  • Windier Woods - Take the Windy Woods template to new heights! Plug these assets directly into the Windy Woods template and access two new biomes, or use it as a standalone platform art pack.
  • Food Incidentals - Food, glorious food! Cook up a storm with the Food Incidentals Asset Bundle, which includes over 170 edible assets from sushi to cupcakes.
  • Ninja Woods - Dart through sakura leaves, collect coins, and defeat yōkai in fantasy platformer, Ninja Woods.
  • Retro Ninja SFX - Find classic, crunchy sound effects retro sound effects that meet all your stealthy ninja needs.
  • VFX Asset Bundle -  Bring the boom with the VFX Asset Bundle - jam-packed with explosions, smoke clouds, electrical surges and water torrents to help bring your game to life!
  • Elemental SFX -  Give voice to the Elements of Nature in your games with the Elemental SFX bundle!
  • Iconic AnimalsAll creatures great and small await you in the Iconic Animals Asset Bundle! Whether they moo, meow, or bloop, bring the wonders of the animal kingdom to your next gaming project.
  • Animal SFX - Bring the sounds of the animal kingdom to your games with the Animal SFX bundle! Add a soft chorus of moo's to your peaceful pastures, haunting hoots to your nightmarish forests, or just make your cats bark, if you like.
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