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Buttery Smooth Tech: Automate Your Builds in GitHub Actions

How Butterscotch Shenanigans use GitHub Actions as build automation servers to make builds for their upcoming game, Crashlands 2.
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GameMaker Asset Bundles - Tower Defense Extended

New Free Monthly Asset Bundle - Cute Building sprites for your next medieval or fantasy game. Great for city builders, RTS games, or your virtual tabletop.
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Live Wallpaper Jam Winners

The Live Wallpaper Jam comes to an end. The winners are here! Find out which 20 Live Wallpapers took home a cash prize in the Live Wallpaper Jam. Thank you for all the entries.
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GameMaker Live Wallpaper Jam - Win Cash Prizes!

Create a Live Wallpaper using GameMaker showcasing some of the new interactive features. There are 20 chances to win a cash prize of $1,000 USD.
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Connect GameMaker To Epic Online Services

Write an article about the Epic Online Services extension without saying ‘make your game more epic’? Challenge accepted. GameMaker has a large suite of extensions that allow developers
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Farm XP In The Survivor Game Template

It’s time to farm some XP with Farm Survivor, the latest game template for GameMaker. Move your character, level your weapons, and see if you can survive until the end of the game. The Farm…
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Introducing GameMaker’s Match 3 Puzzle Game Template

Satisfy your sweet tooth with GameMaker’s latest puzzle game template: Match 3! Line up the matching donuts to rack up the points and reach the target score before you run out of moves.The Match 3…
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GameMaker Awards 2023: Winners Revealed

The GameMaker Awards are always hotly-contested, but this year, with perhaps the most stacked field in the history of the competition, it seemed impossible to call.That’s where you came in, and you…
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Voting Opens For GameMaker Awards 2023

It’s time! Our expert panel has selected their fifteen finalists for the 2023 GameMaker Awards, and now, you get to crown this year’s winners!Choosing finalists for the GameMaker Awards gets harder…
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New Brick Breaker Template Now Available

2023 has been a banger year for remakes and remasters: Resident Evil 4, Metroid Prime, Dead Space, and now, we’re adding Brick Breaker to the list!Based on Atari’s arcade classic, Breakout, Brick…
gx game tile Is Now Available On All Major Chromium Browsers

It’s (probably) the most ambitious crossover event in web browser history: is now playable on all major Chromium web browsers!Indie developers just like you can now reach millions more daily…
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Submit Your Entries For The 2023 GameMaker Awards

It’s time to chill the champagne and rehearse your acceptance speeches, because the 2023 GameMaker Awards are now open for submissions!Every year, we celebrate the incredible work of the GameMaker…
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GameMaker Update: What To Expect From GameMaker In 2023

The 2023 edition of our GameMaker Update video has been released, detailing all the major updates that are heading to the GameMaker software in 2023. Let’s run through the headlines! New…
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New Year, New Jam Winners Revealed

The New Year, New Jam has come to an end. Our judges had an incredibly relaxing time at first, before they realised they faced the difficult job of picking just 10 games to award prize money.Some…
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Introducing GameMaker’s Latest Template: Towers vs. Monsters

A brand new GameMaker template is now available to download: the tower defence game, Towers vs. Monsters!A horde of hungry zombies have risen from their graves, and it's not crème brûlée they're…
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14 Lessons I Learned While Making A Video Game

It's fair to say this game has created something of a buzz.APICO is a laid-back beekeeping sim game released in May 2022, created on the GameMaker engine. Ell (One half…
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Two GameMaker Asset Bundles Free To Download This New Year

Planning on making your first video game in 2023? Get a head start with special access to two of GameMaker’s most popular Asset Bundles! Until January 31st, you can get your hands on both of…
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Opera GX Mobile Game Jam Winner Revealed

Your votes have been counted, and it's finally time to announce the winners of the 2022 Opera GX Mobile Game Jam!Along with our five finalists, we can also reveal which two games have won a cash…
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Mobile Game Jam Top 5 Revealed: Cast Your Votes!

The standard of games submitted to the Opera GX Mobile Game Jam has completely blown us away! We’re fresh out of mobile data and our thumbs are in bandages, but they’re worthy sacrifices when the…
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Opera GX Mobile Game Jam Announced - Sign Up Now!

Last year, we asked you to create a 'No Internet' game for the Opera GX browser. This year, we’re going one step further. It’s time to save millions of mobile gamers from the terror of losing WiFi…
gx game tile Multiplayer Showcase Winners Revealed

Since we first launched the Multiplayer Showcase, we’ve been inundated with scores of high-quality multiplayer games. Our 10 lucky winners have been chosen from over 90 games, with the…
gx game tile Multiplayer Showcase - Win Cash Prizes!

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at creating multiplayer games? Now’s your chance!Create a new multiplayer game with GameMaker or add multiplayer to your existing project to take part in the…
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2022 GameMaker Award Winners Revealed

Over 200 games were submitted to the 2022 GameMaker Awards, and thousands of votes were cast. After weeks of anticipation, we can now reveal that Revita has been crowned ‘Best Game’, Heartbound…
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Create Multiplayer Games Faster Than Ever With Latest GameMaker Beta

Want to bring more players to the party? With the latest multiplayer support update from GameMaker, it’s now easier than ever for you to make your next big game a multliplayer title - and you…
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GameMaker Awards 2022 | Vote NOW!

Wow. The level of quality for the 2022 GameMaker Awards was absolutely incredible.  Choosing finalists for the GameMaker Awards gets harder every year, so before we reveal our final…