Introducing GameMaker’s Latest Template: Towers vs. Monsters


A brand new GameMaker template is now available to download: the tower defence game, Towers vs. Monsters!

A horde of hungry zombies have risen from their graves, and it's not crème brûlée they're after - it's brains. Build your defences, hunker down, and repel as many undead waves as you can.

If zombies aren’t really your thing, remix the template with your own 2D artwork to create your own unique tower defence game.

Towers vs. Monsters becomes the second game template to release in 2022, after the popular 2D platformer Windy Woods debuted back in July.

More GameMaker templates are planned for 2023, so keep your eyes peeled!

Ready to get started? Download the Towers vs. Monsters template today.



What are GameMaker templates?

The GameMaker templates are designed to teach modern coding standards in an approachable, easy-to-understand format.

With a GameMaker template like Towers vs. Monsters, you’ll not only learn how to make your own tower defence game, but you’ll also get to see how things are done, and why they’re done the way they are.


Remixing GameMaker templates

These new templates let you add your own art and music, and create brand new levels to truly make Towers vs. Monsters your own. You can also use the monthly Asset Bundles within these templates.

When you’re done remixing, use your creation commercially, if you like.

If you’d like to learn more about the GameMaker templates, check out our Windy Woods article from template creator, Patrick Roche.

Don’t forget to share your tower defence games with us on Twitter, or by uploading your finished project to

Happy GameMaking!

Written by Ross Manthorp
Ross Manthorp handles all things community at the GameMaker team. When he’s not pulling the strings from behind the scenes he’s enjoying Nintendo games, indie games, and getting emotional over cartoons and comics.
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