Farewell GameMaker 8.1

Launched in 2011, GameMaker 8.1 was a big step up from the previous versions. Bringing a host of improvements to the Room, Image, and Object editors, GameMaker 8.1 paved the way for GameMaker: HTML5 and ultimately GameMaker: Studio.

We have come a long way since 2011 and with the multitude of features and exports now in GameMaker: Studio you would scarcely believe its humble origins. With over 4 million downloads GameMaker 8.1 has had a long, successful life but due to its aging nature, over 3 years since its final update, and the availability of a superior product we have now made the decision to remove 8.1 from sale.

Please note that this will not affect any of our customers who have already purchased GameMaker 8.1 and they will still be able to use their product fully. If you experience any problems with your licence or have any questions please contact our Helpdesk.

We believe that GameMaker: Studio is a far more advanced and better product for all users than GameMaker 8.1 and it is long past time that 8.1 should have been laid to rest. This does come at a good time as any of our 8.1 users wishing to upgrade to GameMaker: Studio can take advantage of the Spring Sale where they can get up to 40% off!

With so many new and exciting things happening with GameMaker we hope that you will join us in saying farewell to 8.1 and embracing the future that is GameMaker: Studio.


YoYo Games

Written by Gavin Smart

Senior Project Manager Gavin uses his years of industry experience to oversee the direction of GameMaker. He enjoys climbing and snowboarding, and has filled out the GameMaker offices with tons of fun board games.