Citadel Stormer 2

Citadel Stormer 2 is an explosive '90s styled action platformer set in a world ruled by a tyrannical AI.

Old School platformer action -- Jump and dash past death traps. Blast through enemies. Collect ammo and health. Make it to the exit in one piece. And enjoy the fine balance between platforming and combat!

38 levels set in 6 unique environments -- Eliminate all threats in the chemical factory, the ancient ruins, the hi-tech city, the desert base and the server facility in order to gain access to the Citadel for the final battle. Each area has it's own unique hazards and dangers that you must overcome.

40+ enemy types -- These killer machines are just waiting for a chance to make mincemeat out of you! They become more dangerous and resilient to bullets as you advance, so watch out!

7 menacing bosses -- Each world is guarded by a giant sentinel robot programmed to eliminate human intruders. Defeating them grants you new weapons and abilities that will aid you in achieving your final objective, destroying the AI mastermind itself!

6 different weapons -- Reduce robotic foes to scrap with your tazer, submachine gun, assault rifle, shotgun, plasma canon and grenade launcher!

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