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The Tarnishing of Juxtia

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The Tarnishing of Juxtia is a challenging action-platformer set in the ruins of two divine kingdoms. As the last creation of the Goddess Juxtia, unlock your true potential as you explore a dark world of corrupted Saints, ancient machines, and mysterious characters.

The Twin Kingdoms: Explore the breadth of the Twin Kingdoms, from the flooded catacombs of the Drizzling Ossuary to the windtorn stairwells of the Dust Spire. Face deadly enemies, meet new allies, and discover rare upgrades as you journey to the pinnacle of Crescentpeak.

Energy Rush: Successful combos give you temporary stamina regeneration. A new and unique mechanic to enhance the souls-like combat experience. Low on stamina? Get Good.

Vicious Boss Battles: The war and the plague have both unleashed unimaginable horrors throughout the kingdoms. Battle corrupted saints, drowned wyverns, and the Gods themselves in numerous multi-phase boss fights.

Steal Boss Abilities: Steal the power of bosses you defeat, then use them to unleash devastating special attacks on your enemies.

Customize Your Build: Expand your arsenal as you explore the world. Choose your playstyle from a wide variety of weapons, armors, items, spells, and Gifts, as you level up to your full potential.

Action Platformer