Super Hiking League DX

Super Hiking League DX is a 2D platformer like no other! Race against a friend or the advanced AI to reach the top in split screen direct combat. Features an easy to use but hard to master elastic rope, single player mode, vs mode and time attack mode!
Who's the best 2D platformer in the world? Find out in Super Hiking League DX!

New major features in Super Hiking League DX:

  • Easy difficulty added to Arcade mode!
  • 27 stages, unlockable by completing arcade mode in different difficulty settings!
  • 2 new easier rope modes: Automatic and Mixed!
  • Watch your own replays or the Hike Master's in Time Attack mode!
Other improvements:
  • Fairer AI for the easier difficulty settings.
  • Reworked rope bending code.
  • Alternate character colors (select with the "start" button or the "enter" key).
  • Both players may now select the same character.
  • Several other small improvements.
Join Nelson and his friends in Super Hiking League DX! Race to the top against a friend or the AI in platforming races with direct combat, and an elastic hookshot.

An evil wizard is making the mountains disappear in a plan to make the world perfectly flat. As a member of the Super Hiking League you will not let this happen. Compete in climbing matches against other Hikers to collect all magic gems and stop his plans!

Super Hiking League provides tight jump-rope-bend-swing-win gameplay with beautiful 8-bit+ graphics and a top notch authentic 8-bit soundtrack!
  • Beautiful retro graphics!
  • Tight gameplay and controls!
  • Bending Rope Swing Physics!
  • Amazing Soundtrack!
  • Story mode!
  • Time Attack mode!
  • Challenge a friend in local multiplayer mode!

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