Version 2022.0: Long Term Stable (“LTS”) Release

Bart Teunis
31st October 2022
GameMaker News

Version 2022.0 of GameMaker is now available. This is the first Long Term Stable (LTS) version.

Please note this release is currently not on Steam for a little bit - just while we gather feedback.

LTS version

The new LTS releases have a version number of 2022.0. This makes this first release version “2022.0.0”.

This LTS release will be supported for 2 years.

Based on the 2022.9 Feature set

The features in this release are as per the 2022.9 release of GameMaker (and includes all the fixes which are in the .9.1 release). These features will remain constant throughout the lifetime of the 2022 LTS release, with only essential bug fixes and SDK updates being added to it.

Feather fixes

As mentioned above, this release contains everything in the .1 update also, and so includes a couple more fixes to Feather. It now alerts you when two functions are declared with the same name in a single script/event and also any code referencing asset names is now also updated correctly when those assets are renamed in the Asset Browser (if you have this Preference enabled).

Written by Bart Teunis
Bart Teunis is a Technical Writer Intern at GameMaker. He is a long-time user of the software and a regular participant in the GMC Jam. He has a preference for the more technical things in GameMaker including but not limited to the drawing pipeline, shaders, the physics engine, optimization and the infamous "3D in GameMaker".
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