GX.games Mod Jam: Four Brilliant Mods To Inspire Your Creativity


The submissions to the Browser Mod Jam open today, on May 23rd! Have you already started working on your mod?

If you are still not sure what to make for the Browser Mod Jam, here are some of GameMaker Team’s personal favorites!

Live Wallpapers:

Live Wallpapers are interactive wallpapers made with GameMaker, which can make even looking at your desktop a magical experience!

Our recommendation: Sunset Flight by Earthbound Games


Lose yourself in a mesmerizing murmuration of starlings as they ebb and flow across a sunset sky.

Learn how to make Live Wallpapers like this one here!


Shaders are visual effects applied to the entire browser screen - make it glitch out or apply an old-timey filter for some extra flare while browsing!

Our recommendation: Pip Boy by Opera GX Team


The trusty companion of the Mojave Desert's wanderers. This shader brings your trusty companion device to your browser.

Learn how to make Shaders like this one here!


Static and animated wallpapers for dark and light mode. A game fanart of interesting piece of art - anything can become your dream wallpaper!

Our recommendation: Deltarune Theme by spydervice studio


In this world, your choices don't matter... (Or do they?)

Learn how to make Graphics like this one here!


Background music, keyboard music, browser sounds… the world is your oyster! Turn your browser into an unforgettable game OST concert.

Our recommendation: A Nier Automata mod by Rebellio69 studio


Relax with the familiar sounds from the award-winning RPG!

Learn how to make Sounds like this one here!

Happy ModMaking!

Written by Kinga Kwapisz
Kinga Kwapisz is a Marketing Specialist at GameMaker and an avid Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast from Poland. She's constantly on the move, looking for interesting game developers to interview and new indie games to play (especially if they feature cats!).
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