GMS2 Version 2.3.1 Full Release

Ross Manthorp
23rd November 2020
GameMaker News

GameMaker Studio 2 update 2.3.1 is an evolution of the new Sequences functionality introduced in 2.3.0. We have added Bezier curve support and improved the dopesheet and curve editor workflows to allow you to more accurately control and develop your Sequences. While also introducing new functions to scale/rotate your sequence and to query information from your curves, and enabled broadcast messages in all Sprites so they can trigger events in-game. There are also a lot of very important fixes for project conversion/import, an updated version of Mono is now required by the macOS IDE to fix some issues with projects not building on some Macs, and multiple fixes for configs and extensions throughout the IDE and when building projects.

On the runtime side, as well as a large number of in-game bug fixes this release introduces Windows x64, Ubuntu ARMv7, UWP multiple-architectures-in-one-package, and Apple Silicon-compatible macOS output types. There are important fixes for garbage collection and configs support in-game, which fixes a number of issues with games crashing in 2.3.0. Please note that 2.3.1 also updates SDKs/external tools for some of the platforms, so you should be aware of this when updating and building projects.

Please see all the details with the IDE and Runtime release notes:

If you wish to discuss this release you can do it HERE on the GMC. Thank you!

Written by Ross Manthorp
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