GameMaker: Studio Update 1.3 Available Now


Today YoYo Games announces the general availability of GameMaker: Studio version 1.3 introducing many new features that help to make GameMaker: Studio the best 2D game development environment. With today’s free update, developers will have access to an all-new debugger allowing them to simplify and streamline the debugging process, and, for the first time, debug from mobile devices. In addition, GameMaker: Studio’s extensions system has been modified to permit third party SDKs and native code to be integrated into games. Flash developers will be able to use the new Flash Asset Importer to incorporate SWF and vector graphics into their games without compromising the quality of the images. And, with today's update, Licensed PlayStation developers now have the ability to publish GameMaker: Studio games for the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita.

New features available in GameMaker: Studio version 1.3 include:

  • Debugger: An entirely new GameMaker: Studio debugger includes full source level debugging, break points and watch windows. Will also target cross platform support, allowing remote debugging of Mac, Android and iOS devices.
  • Extensions: Windows and HTML5 already allow custom extensions, so this will add them to iOS and Android.
  • Flash Asset Importer: Allows importing of certain Flash assets directly, including things like vector images and SWF files.
  • True Type Fonts: The ability to add true type fonts to your game from an external file and support for non-roman alphabet languages.
  • 2D Animation Runtime: Introduces the ability to visualize in GameMaker any assets imported from Flash or Spine.
  • Push Notifications: Integration of push notifications initially available for Android, iOS and Tizen platforms.
  • PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita Exports Launch: Licensed PlayStation developers can now publish GameMaker: Studio games for PlayStation4 and PlayStationVita. To find out more about becoming a licensed PlayStation developer, please visit,

Written by Gavin Smart
Senior Project Manager Gavin uses his years of industry experience to oversee the direction of GameMaker. He enjoys climbing and snowboarding, and has filled out the GameMaker offices with tons of fun board games.
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