GameMaker Studio 2.0.7 And Console Exports - Out Now!


Today we are releasing GameMaker Studio 2.0.7, the latest feature and bug-fix release for GameMaker Studio 2!

2.0.7 brings new image editor tools, lots of HTML5 updates, many bug fixes, and performance improvements.

We are also releasing our PlayStation 4 and Xbox One exports for Studio 2.

Both PS4 and Xbox One exports cost $799.99 USD each for 12 months access and you must be a registered developer for the platform that you wish to purchase.

In addition to the Console exports we are also introducing GameMaker Studio 2 Ultimate, containing all export modules (including console if you are a registered developer). Ultimate is the one-stop-shop route for developers targeting all platforms and can be purchased for $1500.00 USD for 12 months access by all developers who are registered on at least one console platform.

Written by Gavin Smart
Senior Project Manager Gavin uses his years of industry experience to oversee the direction of GameMaker. He enjoys climbing and snowboarding, and has filled out the GameMaker offices with tons of fun board games.
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