Fire Jump | DnD Tutorial | Infinite Platformer

Fire Jump | DnD Tutorial | Infinite Platformer

Welcome to the Fire Jump tutorial! This series will take you through developing an infinite platformer game in GameMaker Studio 2 using Drag and Drop™. You will learn how to make a playable character, generate infinite obstacles, build a solid game loop along with menus and much more.

This tutorial will take you through the process of making the game from start to finish, step-by-step, and also introduce you to the various elements of GameMaker Studio 2. Everything is explained in an easy to understand manner, so you can follow this tutorial even if you have never used GameMaker Studio 2 before, and there is enough useful information for intermediate users to enjoy it as well.


There are four parts to this tutorial series:
  1. Infinite Platformer
  2. Rescuing Civilians
  3. Fire Obstacles
  4. Animated GUIs

Click here to download all the assets for this tutorial.

You can view the video version of this tutorial here: