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Skilly Shooterstars

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An unfortunate experiment opened a portal to another dimension, waking an ancient space god, Cthoo, who now threatens to destroy our beloved planet. Unless… a brave hero can beat his score at the most trendy sport among interdimensional space gods: ShooterStars! Kicking incoming balls with timing won’t be enough, as you will also need to match the right colored target and avoid deadly bombs or… BYE BYE PLANET EARTH!

Gain a score multiplier with perfect hits combos and demolish Cthoo’s high score.. and the score of your friends too! Play to collect GoldenStars and use them to unlock awesome new characters and stages.

Science says “Playing Skilly ShooterStars will make you smarter, stronger and will give you great abs”*

*Science never said that.


  • Simple and fun… I’ll just make the last one!
  • Infinite gameplay
  • Lovely retro PixelArt graphics
  • Awesome old school chiptunes
  • Unique movges for every character

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