The Kwanstone Project

An energetic, heart pounding bubble popping mobile experience!

● Stay focused & sharpen those reflexes as you TAP & POP as many magical SPARKS as you can before the timer runs out!

● Enjoy a completely original and dynamic score composed by Lao American musician Andrew David V.

● Join the colorful & lively agents of LUANG SENGKEO as they free the mighty guardian spirits known as the KWAN from centuries of imprisonment, solve the mysteries of the destructive VOLENAUTS & save what remains of this magical land; inspired by the lush & majestic culture and people of LAOS.

● Explore the vast & diverse biomes of this world and meet the SPIRIT FISH of TAILRIVER in a relaxing & breezy fishing experience!

● Completely immerse yourself in the first chapter of this wholly original story known as THE KWANSTONE PROJECT and enjoy every upcoming update at no extra charge - free of ads, microtransactions, loot boxes or battle passes.

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