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Post Void

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Post Void is a hypnotic scramble of early first-person shooter design that values speed above all else. Keep your head full and reach the end; Kill what you can to see it mend; Get the high score or try again.


Post Void is a surreal headache, in a blinding haze of violence, where the goal of reaching the end is repeated again and again to impress yourself and your friends and to find the outside world a quietly bland but relaxing place. Until you look again, and see it's no void of quietness, but a vast noise that pushes you back into digital sprints, digital goals, and more unseemly violence. Time is always running out. Fiends are always in your way. Remove them in a shower of gore. Gain their liquid energy to fill your head and run on to the pond.

(Try to get to the end)

Action Arcade