Cats Organized Neatly

Do you like cats? Like, really, really like cats? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this 2D puzzle game, pick up your feline friends and find a way to comfortably fit them all within the grid. Cats Organized Neatly comes with 80 different handcrafted levels and over 30 cats in all shapes and sizes. And don’t worry, they won’t bite - even if you rotate them a bit. 

🐱 32 unique hand drawn cats for you to befriend, collect and organise (neatly). 
🐱 80 handcrafted levels which will hopefully tickle your brain. 
🐱 Play with just the left and right mouse buttons - accessible for newcomers or seasoned puzzlers alike. 
🐱 Relaxing background music, resembling the atmosphere of a Cat Café.

Learn more about the development of Cats Organized Neatly in our interview with developers Simone Maendl and Josef Att.

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