Publish Your Game to In 5 Minutes

Publish Your Game to In 5 Minutes

Publish your games to for millions to play, by following this 5 minute tutorial. Update your game at any time with one click.

You need the following before the beginning this tutorial:

  1. Install the Opera GX browser
  2. Create an Opera account

Let's begin!

Prepare Your Project

Click on the undefined Target button in the upper-right corner of the GameMaker window. Here you select where you want to export your game.

Select the Opera GX Platform:


Give your game a name:

  1. Near the top of the GameMaker window, click  undefined  to open your Game Options.

  2. In the window that opens, select Opera GX. This will open a new window.


  3. In the Opera GX options, change your Game Name. This should be a unique name and not already taken on

  4. Hit OK to apply the changes.


Upload to

Now upload your game to

  1. Click on the undefined Create Executable button at the top of the GameMaker window:


  2. This will open the Opera GX Packaging window, which may ask you to sign into your Opera account (if you are not signed in already):


  3. Clicking on "Sign-In to Opera" will take you to the Opera website, where you can create a new account (if you don't have one) and log in.


  4. Once you log in, you will be taken back into GameMaker, which will start the upload process to

After your game files are uploaded, we'll enter some game details for and publish it.

Unlisted Publishing

Let's set up the game details and get a private link that you can share with your friends. This means your game remains "unlisted" until you choose to list it on

  1. Once the upload is complete, click "Edit Game on Opera".


  2. This will take you to DevCloud, where you can edit all your game details and publish it.

    (You may be asked to select your Opera account and log in again.)

  3. On the Game details page, you will see many details here, including the title of your game.

    If you change the title here, you'll need to change the game's name in your project's Game Options to match.

    You do not need to fill any other details until the next section.


  4. On the left, click on Publishing to see your game's publishing details.


  5. Enable the "Public" toggle next to "Private version", and you will get a live, private link to your game (highlighted above).

Open this URL to play your game on GXC. Share it with your friends and they will be able to play your game directly in their Opera GX browser.

Publishing Publicly

You can also publish your game publicly so it appears in listings and can be searched by players.

  1. For this you need to fill in all the Game details, such as the short and long descriptions, cover art, gallery, genres, etc.


  2. Once you have filled these details, go to the Publishing page and click "Promote to live".

  3. Then enable the Published toggle, as shown below.


If you filled your game details properly, your game will now be published to GXC! If not, you will simply be told what you missed; so ensure you have properly entered all information, and try publishing again.

Further Reading

Read the full upload guide for detailed information on the upload process.

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