Hero's Trail | Feature Tutorials Index

Hero's Trail | Feature Tutorials Index

Welcome to Hero’s Trail, a simple and fun tutorial for new GameMaker users! This series demonstrates all the amazing things you can do with GameMaker at a basic level and allows you to learn all the ins and outs of the program while developing an action-adventure game!


We’ll use the Hero’s Trail template project in this part to get a quick introduction to the world of GameMaker, and in subsequent parts we’ll build upon the basic demo to create our own fully-fledged action-adventure game!

Here are the tutorial contents:

Create & Publish Your Action-Adventure Game

Start by creating your first game in 30 minutes, customizing it to your liking and sharing it with the world on GXC!

>> Start Your Adventure


Next: Further GameMaker Learning

>> Understanding GameMaker with Hero's Trail

After you've had your introduction, you can jump to any topic from the list below to implement specific features.

Various Feature Additions


Key-Chest System

  1. How to open chests
  2. How to lock chests
  3. How to create keys for chests

Lever-Gate System

  1. How to add locked gates
  2. How to open gates with levers
  3. How to proceed to the next level


Enemy Objects

  1. How to edit enemy paths
  2. How to create animations
  3. How to play animations

New AI enemy

  1. How to create a new enemy
  2. How to program AI follow behaviour
  3. How to make enemies shoot

Player Hearts

  1. How to add a hearts system (health)
  2. How to draw hearts on HUD (GUI)
  3. How to reduce player health & apply knockback


Player Upgrades

  1. How to attack in all 4 directions
  2. How to create a heart pickup
  3. How to create a speed power up
  4. How to create an invincibility power up

Energy Shield

  1. How to add an energy shield
  2. How to recharge shield energy
  3. How to draw an energy meter



  1. How to add sound effects
  2. How to change music

Game Pausing

  1. How to pause the game
  2. How to create a pause menu screen
  3. How to create an animated menu

Help Window

  1. How to create a help window
  2. How to display game controls