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Kinga Kwapisz
16th September 2021
GameMaker News

The thought of all these fantastic game projects that never left the paper inspired us to host GameMaker Press Play - an opportunity for you to achieve your game-making dreams. All you need to do to take part is to submit your idea for a game! Take this chance to win the opportunity to start your game development career!

Submissions will open on September 16th and close on September 30th


To enter and take part in GameMaker Press Play all you need to do is submit the --> Press Play submission form <-- (NOTE: you must be signed in to your Account to see the form) describing the idea for your dream game. Any related content, such as concept art or soundtrack is welcome, but not necessary to submit the form or win!

We are aiming to help new users of GameMaker Studio 2 kickstart their journey to become professional game creators. The recently launched free version of our software allows game creators to make beautiful games easier than ever before.

If you want to know more about what you can do with the free version of GameMaker Studio 2 check out this blog post: How to Make The Most of Your Free Access to GameMaker!


When submitting your idea, make sure it contains descriptions of its:

  • Plot - Some idea of the world building or story that you want to tell with the game
  • Mechanics - What type of interesting game mechanics do you want to make use of
  • Style - Does the game have a particularly unique art style or aesthetic
  • Genre - What game genre would the game fit into most
  • Inspirations - What games have inspired your ideas (if this applies)

Your submission should be less than 500 words in length and should not contain themes deemed inappropriate for minors, such as drug use, sexual themes, brutal violence, disturbing visuals, etc. Any additional assets that support your idea are welcome!

A jury consisting of YoYo Games employees will review the submissions and pick three winners. For full Terms & Conditions click HERE.


This event does not include a theme, so let your imagination run free and send us your wildest ideas!



- Opportunity to work with a professional game creator, who’ll make your dream game a reality!

- A high end gaming laptop to help you continue your game making journey.

- And last but not least….The finished games will be promoted in Opera GX, a gaming browser with more than 9M users, who’ll be able see your game during their daily browsing.

Written by Kinga Kwapisz
Kinga Kwapisz is a Marketing Specialist at GameMaker and an avid Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast from Poland. She's constantly on the move, looking for interesting game developers to interview and new indie games to play (especially if they feature cats!).
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