GameMaker Studio 2 Version 2.3 Beta Release



It's here! GameMaker Studio 2 v2.3.0. This major update introduces a huge number of improvements to the software, including: new Sequences and Animation Curve asset types; a new, streamlined project format; the resource tree is now the Asset Browser and allows new ways of creating, managing, tagging, and filtering your assets; and all the many GML changes that we previously detailed in this blog.

We will gradually be letting users into the beta based on when you apply via the application form linked-to at the end of this blog post. Once we have accepted you into the beta, you will be able to access the installer from the Downloads page of your YoYo Account.

Just to note, there is no longer a separate “beta branch” to opt into – this Beta install is a secondary installation and does not share info with your 2.2.5 install, so you don't need to modify your existing GMS2 setup in order to take part. Your projects will also be converted the first time you open them in 2.3.0, so you can also play with your projects safe in the knowledge you have a backup which still works in 2.2.5. However, we would ask that you use these betas in such a way that you are focusing mainly on trying out the new functionality and making sure that changes to existing functionality seem to fit with what you would expect, rather than simply trying to use it as a production IDE and carrying on with your own game project.

Once you have access to the beta you are freely permitted to share your work and show off the beta version via tutorials/streaming, etc. However, when it comes to discussing the beta with us and reporting all bugs/issues we ask you to use our Helpdesk forum's Beta section, which is currently private, but you will be given access to and a link to use when we contact you to say you have been accepted.



The application process has now ended as we move to an open for all beta release. Please keep an eye out. Thank you to all who submitted!

Written by Ross Manthorp
Ross Manthorp handles all things community at the GameMaker team. When he’s not pulling the strings from behind the scenes he’s enjoying Nintendo games, indie games, and getting emotional over cartoons and comics.
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