Make Your Own Arcade Classic

Make Your Own Arcade Classic

This GameMaker Studio 2 (GMS2) tutorial will guide budding video game creators through the process of creating their very own fully-functional version of the definitive asteroid space blaster. Aspiring game designers can make "Space Rocks" in GMS2 using the free version without coding, by using the drag and drop technology, or by coding with GameMaker Language.

Designed and presented by Friendly Cosmonaut, the "Space Rocks" video tutorials start out with an introduction to GMS2 before outlining how to program movement, attacking & collisions, scoring, lives, sound and effects before adding that final polish.

Check out the series below and look forward to more tutorials from us in the future!


GML (GameMaker Language):

DnD™ (Drag and Drop™ visual code):


GML (GameMaker Language)

DnD™ (Drag and Drop™ visual code)



Continue your work on Space Rocks with our extended Space Mods series. This new series covers 5 further topics including, Cameras, Parallax Backgrounds, Enemy Factions, Power-ups and Effects. Really expand your game and learn these new techniques!

Written by Ross Manthorp

Ross Manthorp handles all things community at the GameMaker team. When he’s not pulling the strings from behind the scenes he’s enjoying Nintendo games, indie games (mostly roguelikes) and getting overly emotional about cartoons and comics.