Fire Jump - Full Game DnD Tutorial Series

Fire Jump - Full Game DnD Tutorial Series

We are proud to release Fire Jump - a new Drag and Drop full game tutorial for GameMaker Studio 2. This new tutorial introduces the basics of GameMaker's DnD system to create your own infinite platformer game from start to finish. Designed specifically for those with little or no game design experience, Fire Jump features a step-by-step guide to making an infinite platformer game, primarily using GameMaker’s easy-to-use Drag and Drop (DnD) system.


In Fire Jump, players control an intrepid firefighter on a mission to rescue civilians from a burning building. As our hero leaps vertically from window to window, they must rescue civilians whilst trying to avoid those windows which are on fire. Explained in an easy to understand manner, the free tutorial includes four tutorials plus a wealth of supporting materials, teaching new users how to make a playable character, generate infinite obstacles, build a solid game loop along with menus and much more. There is also enough useful information for intermediate users to enjoy as well.


You can grab a version of the Fire Jump completed demo project to try it out for yourself HERE!  You can even play a version of the game directly in your browser.  Check it out!

Or you can jump right into the full 4 part tutorial series below:

There is also a full video series to follow along with here:

Written by Ross Manthorp

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