You might be the last of your kind without friendship and companionship. One day you thought you have found love but you discovered that the monsters lurking in the deep are going to crush your world. In this epic quest you must reach the end by going through black holes. Try to avoid all the traps, solve all the mind-bending puzzles and escape form the powerful bosses. OH... And one more thing .... secrets are everywhere.

Key Features:

  • Switch Gravity: Physics as you know it is not the same. Jumping does not exist and the only way to navigate the world is through flipping gravity.
  • Difficult Puzzles: Every level will be a tough challenge to finish. No easy win in the world of VOiD.
  • 68 Levels: Enough levels to keep you entertained for hours.
  • 3 Boss Escape: Powerful bosses will make you feel helpless and the only way to defeat them is to evade and escape them.
  • Collectables: Try to collect all the square coins and find all the hidden secrets as a side objective.

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