Sudden Watermelon

“Sudden Watermelon” is a retro action packed ‘beat them up’ game with a light hearted theme. Player will be punching their way out against various funny watermelon enemies and learn new stunning fighting moves along the way.

The game took inspiration from a classic beach activity called ‘Suikawari’, where a player is required to split a watermelon blindfolded. During summer, the Yonekura family (from Sudden Bonus) had a trip to Lalala Beach for summer vacation. While they were having fun playing Suikawari on the beach, the weird TV show host appeared again, challenging the Yonekuras to a summer special TV show called ‘Sudden Watermelon’. A group of watermelon fighters then showed up, hence begin the actions.

The rules are simple: beat all watermelon enemies! The player can select any character(s) of his/her choice to complete a level. Through the input of 3 buttons (jump, punch, kick), player needs to defeat all enemies to clear the stage. Despite the simplicity of the control scheme, each character can learn new special moves through experience gaining and eventually perform devastating ultimate moves.

There are a total of 30 types of never before seen watermelon enemies in the game. Each of them is unique in design and attack style with no lack of surprising element. Having to see what kind of new melon appearing next stage is definitely a big fun of the game. As for playable characters roster, apart from the previous 5 Yonekura family members, there are 2 new characters introduced to the franchise this time to enhance the playability of the game.

“Sudden Watermelon” is built for iOS and Android mobile devices, available now FREE on GooglePlay and iTunes.

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