Notebook Artillery

Notebook Artillery is a love letter to hours wasted playing video games in Middle School computer labs instead of working on class assignments. And sure, maybe if I would've spent more time paying attention in class and less time playing video games I wouldn't be making indie games as a means to pay off insane amounts of student debt. But hey, its 2020 and maybe this can be one last beacon of hope for myself and everyone who loves this kind of game.

Players choose their "firing angle" and "powder amount" to fire cannonballs at opposing player's towers, or break floating targets in a solo player target practice mode. The randomly generated stage layouts will change strategy from round to round, and wind strength has an effect on a cannonball's trajectory which players must strategize around. Its simple arcade-simulation-action, fun for all ages, with game completely hand drawn game art running at a gorgeous 4K. It's like you're looking directly into a Trapper Keeper and the imagination of every middle school kid. Whats not to love?

  • Hand drawn game art in gorgeous 4k.
  • Play Solo target practice, or challenge local friends and family in vs mode.
  • 3 unique world styles fashioned after various wild west motifs.
  • Stage layouts are randomly generated to make no two games the same.
  • Fight the wind and dodge trees to destroy opponents strongholds.
  • Completely visual buttons, no in-game writing.

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