Moonlight in Garland

Moonlight in Garland is a cozy, open-ended, life-sim that sees you making a new start in the bustling metropolis of Garland.

Find an apartment and make it perfectly yours, befriend your neighbours, grow your garden, solve community problems and experience all the weirdly wonderful stuff that city living offers.

Of course, city life isn’t all farmers markets and fancy coffee. Will you step in to stop the heritage building from being torn down and preserve a piece of history? Build a sense of community so more residents will stick around? Figure out which jerk is stealing packages from the mail room? Be swept up in a whirlwind romance along the way?

Inspired by classics of the genre such as Animal Crossing, Story of Seasons, Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley, Moonlight in Garland is a love letter to a relaxing gaming experience.

Find your feet, make a positive impact and live your best life in Garland!

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