MerTales: Mermaid Rescue

What's cooler than mermaids? Mermaids with magic powers, of course!

Pearl Periwinkle is a mermaid with a flipper-riffic power - she can talk to animals! But when she goes to visit her favourite seahorse, Silverdust, she discovers he's missing from the merschool stables. Is he in the Weeded Wood? The Seagrass Meadow? Or Bluebottle Gully? With Pearl's magical ability of talking to animals to help guide her on her way, it should be easy-peasy-mermaid-squeezy ... right?

* Search through three mer-magical maps
* Help out various sea animals in exchange for keys
* Meet Pearl's fin-tastic mermaid friends
* Answer ocean-themed riddles
* Complete the quest for a sea-sational surprise ending!

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