High Land

High Land is a new tower dash game with an easy dash gameplay jumping or dashing from tower to tower through well-made obstacles that will hold you back from becoming the Highlander. Push through those obstacles and dangerous traps that are made to make the game harder and harder every time you progress into the game to get the highest points you need to challenge yourself, your reflexes and the speed you hit that screen with putting in mind the timing of when to push forward. Patience is the crucial key in going forward into the game to gain the highest score and to become the top Highlander in the game.

Dash through Obstacles and fly in the sky trying to go as further as you can! Be the best tower runner, show your skills and dash through the towers to finish your tower run and clear each level. Through challenges that tests your patience and reflexes, master the dash run and beat your earlier high score. The further you go the more epic challenges you get!

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