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 In Fishbowl, you unpack puzzles to rediscover childhood memories, video call loved ones, work from home while taking care of yourself and chores, get to know yourself better, one day at a time.

Twenty-one year old Alo gets her first job in a new city and is living by herself while grieving her grandma’s death. The choices she makes each day in figuring out life will lead to a unique journey of self discovery.

Key features:
- Chat with a diverse cast of characters with branching conversations
- Work from home with a fun matching video editing game
- Rediscover memories by solving unpacking puzzles
- Do your best with home & self care or do as much as you like
- Experience beautiful, hand-drawn pixel art and our cozy lofi soundtracks
- Make decisions, uncover the past, figure out life one day at a time
- In Fishbowl, *feel* all feelings as there are no *right* endings