Fantasy Fishing Town

Welcome to Fantasy Fishing Town!
Cute pixel graphic x side scroll fishing. It's a unique pleasure!
Legendary fish! You're mine!


- Real-time fishing system
Throw the fishing rod at the fish you want at any time.
Don't let your guard down when a fish bites a bait! Quickly pull the fishing rod and catch the fish.

- Various fishing tools
Fishing equipment is important!
Use various combinations of fishing rod, fishing bobber, fishing hook, and bait.

- Various quests and fish delivery
Not only through main quests and sub-quests, but also through paper quests and fish delivery requests,
You can get more rewards.

- Various fishing grounds and 25 kinds of fish
Fishing grounds are located in hills, swamps, deserts, snowy fields, and mines.
You can meet various fish from region to region.

- Fair reward system
The reward of the quest is not fixed and adjusted in real time according to the value of the fish caught.
You completed the same quest and caught a fish of high value? Of course, you need to get more rewards!

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