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Eldritchvania is a metroidvania game pulling inspiration from more classic styled games such as La-Mulana and featuring Lovecraftian horror themes.

In Eldritchvania, you will explore unearthly ruins, solve arcane riddles and pick up your sword against the indescribable horrors that lurk amidst the forgotten depths of our world. Beware the creeping grip of madness as you uncover secrets not meant for the eyes of men.

The game follows the aged occultist, Dougald, as he desperately tries to track down his son, Fergus. All clues lead him to believe Fergus traveled to the small island of Blackhorn, just outside the coast of northern Scotland.
Dougald is convinced he must save his son before he unearths the ungodly knowledge buried deep beneath the island. But will his quest force him to uncover the very same secrets? Unearthing the long since abandoned ruins of lost civilizations, your cunning, endurance and sanity will be duly tested.

Action Adventure Platformer Puzzle