Death Ray Manta

Take control of DEATH RAY MANTA who has blown up his house due to the unfortunate problem of having lasers in his head. With nowhere to live, DEATH RAY MANTA goes to live in space so as not to destroy anything else. Then all his friends come round to eat Space Tiffin which might look like a gem but it is in fact a lovely and generously sized piece of Space Cake (Space has different culinary rules, it has to) but due to having lasers in his head, DEATH RAY MANTA kills them too until he’s the only thing left alive in a cold, dark, unwelcoming universe.

Death Ray Manta is an arena shooter that knows its history. From Robotron to Llamatron to Geometry Wars and on, Death Ray Manta keeps one eye on what works, what’s worked and tries to explore it all. Quickly. In a condensed few moments of pleasure.

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