Airstrife: Assault of the Aviators

Airstrife: Assault of the Aviators is a modern re-invented vertical shoot em up game that allows you to fly your plane, dodge bullets and missiles, upgrade your plane's parts, research for more weapons, and explore a beautifully hand-drawn vast world. The game features a souls-like take on the shoot em up platform with an engaging story for you to discover.

Game Features
A re-invented modern classic vertical shoot em up game. Not a usual or typical shoot em up bullet hell game.
Souls-like and RPG elements added to a shoot em up game to further increase the challenge and give the player a more engaging experience.
Skills Required. Use your Aileron Rolling to dash and evade bullets and missiles while destroying enemy planes.
A more Realistic Approach. Experience damages on your planes, both visually and internally, on each side and consumable bullets and missiles that are not infinite.
Experience customization and freedom to create the plane you can use the conquer your enemies. Upgrade the parts of your planes and research for more weapons to mount on a wide choices of planes you can use.
Explore the world and find new places and hidden Blueprints that will allow you to research more.
Fly solo for a challenge or invite your friends to play with you and enjoy a local coop fun.
Over 80 unique enemy planes and epic bosses to encounter! Feel the wrath and speed of your enemy Aviators.
Soar through the skies while experiencing the beautifully hand-drawn modern pixel art.
Cheats are available for you to enjoy.

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