Above the Fold

Above the Fold is a newspaper simulation game, where you are the Editor-in-Chief. The game begins in 1998, when an anonymous new Owner buys a failing paper, fires everyone and hires you to rebuild it. Set in the small, fictional U.S. town of Goodbury, your job is to take it global! Above the Fold is in Early Access, on Steam.

Ever wanted to run a newspaper? Go back to when flip phones were hot, and more and more people started using electronic mail! Build a newspaper at the end of the 20th century, in the changing face of the media industry.

Can you adapt, as email takes over from fax machines, and something called “weblogs” appears to compete with the real news? Will you turn it into a speciality magazine, a tabloid or an international news leader?

You’re the editor in chief but there is also the eccentric Owner to please and the ever-important Advertisers. Let’s not forget the Subscriber base, even though it starts out tiny.

Grow that tiny, local rag into a media powerhouse with 1 million Subscribers within 4 years, win awards, and prove your worth as an Editor — and you’ll win the game!

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