GameMaker Studio 2 Available For Purchase!

GameMaker Studio 2 Available For Purchase!

Since revealing GameMaker Studio 2 and inviting users to take part in the Beta we've already seen loads of great feedback and contributions from enthusiastic developers. Time and time again developers who've had a taste of the Beta have approached us desperate to get their hands on a full desktop license so they can get started on their projects today.

We've heard the demand loud and clear, so we've decided to open the gates early and let you purchase a desktop license for GameMaker Studio 2 and get immediate access to the fully licensed, limit-free beta version as it exists right now, today. These are permanent, one time purchase licenses that give you access to the product in beta now, and also after release.

GameMaker Studio 2 is still in beta, and still needs your help and feedback as we continue to refine and improve it, but we are confident in what we’ve seen so far from our ever enthusiastic developers, already producing excellent new games such as NYKRA and LoadWorld using GameMaker Studio 2, that there’s no reason for us to stand in the way of everyone being able to use this already incredibly powerful new toolset.

Some excellent games are already being developed with GameMaker Studio 2

Owners of previous products can receive up to a 50% discount when upgrading to GameMaker Studio 2. See this page for more information.

So if you want to get your hands on GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop right now, follow this guide.

Written by Gavin Smart

Senior Project Manager Gavin uses his years of industry experience to oversee the direction of GameMaker. He enjoys climbing and snowboarding, and has filled out the GameMaker offices with tons of fun board games.