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Pigeon’s Mission: Father and Son Game Development

We see development teams of all shapes and sizes using GameMaker, but it’s pretty rare to see a father and son creative team. Rarer still to see one where the creative lead on the project is a 6…
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The GameMaker Team Barbecue

One of the things I really like about working for GameMaker is that we’ve fully embraced a work-from-home culture. So long as the work’s getting done, it doesn’t really matter where that work is…
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GameMaker's 2023 GMTK Game Jam Log

The 2023 GMTK Game Jam is in the books, and this year, five members of the GameMaker team - Alice Casagrande Moretti, Lucy Roddam, Neve O'Neill, Patrick Roche and Scott Dunbar - came together to…