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Super Chicken Jumper Template is out now!

We're thrilled to announce our template: "Super Chicken Jumper"! From the creators of the indie hit "Super Chicken Jumper" this template brings you three exciting levels of packed surprises.
gx game tile

Bem-vindo ao workshop do GameMaker em São Paulo!

Você está prestes a descobrir como é fácil usar o GameMaker para criar o jogo dos seus sonhos! Então, quem está pronto para começar?Jogos Brasileiros feitos usando o GameMakerHoje em dia os…
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Blast away with Operius - Winner of the GX Game Jam

When the Opera GX Game Jam launched back in the summer, its goal was to find the “No Internet” page for Opera GX (the browser made for gamers). The prize? The chance to entertain GX’s active…
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GameMaker Press Play - WINNERS

Our Press Play Competition is now finished! Over 15 days we received 446 AMAZING ENTRIES from the GameMaker Community. We are so happy that all of you shared with us your creative and inspirational…
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How to Make The Most of Your Free Access to GameMaker

Making games should be fun, so let me guide you in the right direction by telling you what you can do, where to look for help, and answer some questions. First, GameMaker Studio 2 is free to…